Power Washing – How To Enhance Your Curb Appeal

It is May and time to complete glam ups to your curb appeal. You can easily enhance the curb appeal of your home with power washing/ pressure washing.

A pressure wash/ power wash should be completed during the warm months of spring and summer.

Why should you pressure wash/ power wash your home?

You should have professional pressure washing/ power washing completed to remove dirt and mildew from your home.

A clean home exterior is a welcoming home to family and guests alike.

Pressure washing/ power washing can be completed for your home, car, boat, tractor, patio furniture, awnings, gutters, driveways and more.

A professional power washing company such as Keen 2 Klean will clean your home well and any other property you desire to have pressure washed. Best of all, you can avoid any potential injury to yourself you would experience performing an amateur power washing/ pressure washing.

Here are general safety precautions anyone completing pressure washing/power washing should undertake:

-Never mix water with electricity. The two together would inevitably result in a dangerous electrical shock. For example, an electrical shock could occur when water comes in contact with wires and exterior outlets. Do not power wash the electrical meter, any exterior lights or exterior outlets.

-Always make sure that the ladder has firm footing prior to positioning ones self on the ladder to reach higher altitude areas such as the roof.

Here is a list of standard power washing equipment:

-The pressure washer

-Cleaning Solutions

-House Wash Formula


-High Velocity Water Spray

Power washing the home is not only for regular cleaning. It is highly recommended that power washing be complete prior to completing a paint job or a repaint of the home.

What type of psi model should be used for specific housing materials?

-Soft housing materials (soft grain wood or aluminum): use a power washing psi model that’s 1,200 to 1,500 to prevent pressure damage.

-For any home areas that are not painted (vinyl material): Use 2,500 to 3,000 psi model.

The best pressure washers feature a detergent dispenser. Keen 2 Klean has you covered for quality and power washing expertise.

We will also protect any home exterior items that could be damaged by water pressure by placing plastic covering on them – landscaping plants, exterior lights etc.

Learn about Keen 2 Kleans’ power washing services …because nobody cleans better than Ken at Keen 2 Klean.