Snow Plowing

We provide snow removal services and salting to residential and commercial properties. Please call in the Fall to arrange for an estimated price and contract to be set up. Snow removal is performed during or at the end of the snowfall, when there is 2” or more of snow, special requests are accepted for amounts less than 2”. After the snow is removed, salt service is available at an additional cost.

Calcium chloride (Growers Choice™) is applied to sidewalks and special surfaces.

Sidewalks and special surface driveways that cannot be plowed will be hand shoveled or snow blown, salt or calcium chloride will be applied at an additional cost.

Residential Plowing Pay by the Push.
Contract Services for Commercial Properties.
Monthly Commerical Services for Cambridge.
Liability and WSIB Insured.
Seasonal Rates: Dec 01/16 to April 01 /17
Commercial - As per quote, salting optional