Residential Cleaning

It doesn't matter the size of your home. Each home is treated with the same care and respect. We work hard, as fast and as safely possible, we check our work and we encourage the home owner to check our work before we leave. If there is anything that needs to be redone we do it!

Exterior window cleaning includes washing all window glass and cleaning of the sills and frames. Glass is washed with an environmentally friendly solution. Outside agents (ie. Paint residue, Sap buildup) stuck to the glass can be removed at an additional charge without using chemicals and your windows will be left crystal clear.

Interior window cleaning includes washing all window glass, sills, frames and all windows that can be opened will have their tracks and sills cleaned. Screens can be washed, rinsed by hand, dried and reinstalled for an additional charge.

We also offer a package price for all interior, exterior and screen washing services.

When you find something good, you often want to share it. That's been our experience. That's why our existing customers are one of our biggest referral sources.  If you`re interested in having your testimonial posted on our website please let us know!

Upon your request, we will provide you with a certificate of insurance (WSIB) and liability coverage for our work

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