Spring is around the corner and Summer is coming !!!

We here at Keen 2 Klean, LOVE this time of year. After hibernating all Winter, it's time to get out, stretch those legs and enjoy the Outdoors. But First...

  •   Before you plan that Outdoor BBQ and get swarmed with friends and Family, Remove that Mold and Algae from YOUR home! Pressure Washing will make YOUR home shine!!
  • This time of year brings pollen! You spend Money washing your car, why not get that same feeling of accomplishment at home and wash those Windows. Window Cleaning will let that Sunshine in!
  • Spring also brings rain, so it's important to make sure those Gutters are cleaned to keep the water flowing AWAY from the house.
  • Rain+Mold+Algae on your deck and concrete surfaces makes for a SUPER slippery surface. Having your Deck cleaned and Concrete cleaned will save YOU from injuries!!
  • And while your at it, fresh Mulch and Flowers! Now that your home is Clean and Shiny, why not add that extra touch of Beauty?

  All of these projects will get YOUR home ready to be Enjoyed, and if it's on the Market... be prepared for how fast it will sell now that YOU have tripled your curb appeal!